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I found this article on the website electoral-vote.com. Check it out:

How American Health Care Killed My Father

It’s good enough for the capitalist in all of us…

The article argues two major and compelling points (well, more than that, but these were the ones that struck me):

That we abuse health insurance: he makes the analogy of using auto insurance to pay for gas, or homeowner’s insurance to pay for groceries. He argues that if we paid for the minor maintenance ourselves (like check-ups and dental cleanings and stitches and x-rays), we would beget competition that would lower prices, because we, the informed consumer, would shop around for the cheapest care. He argues that we should use insurance for its express purpose in other areas; that is, to cover catastrophic expenses.

Okay, so that was one thing. But so incredibly eye-opening.


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  1. Chris Frick Avatar
    Chris Frick

    I will have to remember that.

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