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I just complied a spreadsheet of most of the things that I’ve written.

On one hand, it’s an extremely exciting spreadsheet. I don’t have every figurative scrap of paper compiled into one long Word document, so I can’t tell you an inflated and grand number about how much I’ve written in the last six years. But it’s a long list of document titles and fond memories; it’s poems, articles, commentaries, and stories. Also, the spreadsheet doesn’t include the majority of my published work, which is with UCLA’s Daily Bruin. So I’ve actually written even more that what’s in my spreadsheet.

That noise you just heard was an extremely smug and dorky chortle. Sorry.

On the other hand, I am depressed. I just got excited over a spreadsheet. And I catalogued my stories into the following categories:

  • Published
  • Editing
  • Drafts
  • Ideas

I don’t have a lot of document titles in the “Published” section.

True, I did ignore all the stuff from the Daily Bruin, which is all published. I wasn’t very careful about backing these stories up, so I lost a lot of drafts each time my computer crashed. Also, someone else edited them and published them; why do I want a draft when I can find the published article?

Also, I erred on the side of caution with the story conversion rate spreadsheet. I’ve finished a lot of stories, but I haven’t put them anywhere (“Published” includes stories on this website). Expect to see those entering into my one-post-every-two-months-to-ensure-quality-and-build-reader-desire rotation/posting-schedule.

That was my cataloguing goal: I wanted to see what I had finished/got close to completion, so I could revise and post said stories. And get to a once-every-month posting schedule.


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