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Second First Golf Lesson

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I’ve decided to take a golf lesson. My biggest issues are inconsistency with full swings — or at least that’s what I think my issues are.

I got referred by my friend Jimmy to go to his coach of 15 years, Don Bryd. Don was very friendly on the phone. I told him my goal: breaking 100 on a championship course.

“What are you scoring?” he asked. “Under 110?”

“Yes,” I told him. “Lately it’s been about 36 over. Again, I think my problem is inconsistency off the tee.”

“How’s your putting?”

“I have about 36 on average on the green. Well, my latest round had 42 on the green.” I checked my stats.

“I’ve averaged about 39 putts on the green in my last 10 rounds or so. But I promise, I’m good at putting! The problem is that last time I had really long putts. I wasn’t accustomed to hitting the green.”

“Well, even if you’re hitting the green in regulation, you still want to do two putts at most. Ideally, you’d average 1 and a half putts per green. So let’s meet on the putting green and we’ll head over to the range after.”

What does he take me for? Competent?

Anyway, having a lesson with him on Friday. Excited to work on putting and the range and all that.

So I met Don at the putting green and we went over to his work station on the range.

He watched me hit a few (and I hit them decently) and then we talked and he adjusted my grip. He talked about “throwing the golf ball” and making sure my hands were aligned at impact.

To do this, he asked me to try to have the back of my left hand and the palm of my right hand match with the ball on impact. Overall, it was really good. I think I had 1 chunk and 1 mishit. Every shot had a slight draw (except for the thin one).

I also worked on putting. Again, he had me change my grip: left index finger over the pinky of my right hand. He also told me that I should line up the putt, look at the target, and then just go. Oh, and that I could break my wrists. “Just try to feel natural” was his motto.

Oh, and using the texas wedge: from the fairway you should be able to use the putter up to 20 paces out. The trick is to align the ball near your left big toe, instead of your center stance. That means you put topspin on the ball, to help it get through the rougher grass of the fairway.

So we will see how it holds up. I felt pretty good and still feel pretty good.


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