Earnest Words

I have a huge backlog of rounds that I’ve played and I’m trying to write my way through them.

The context for this round is that I was taking my girls to play the Oaks course at the Welk. Last time I played this course, it was raining in the middle of winter and we only made it to hole 13.

This time, things were different. We had planned on it for a while and the girls were pumped to play foot golf, well, until we got there. That was when the youngest one decided that she would opt out.

But we got in our cart, we got our foot golf balls and promptly headed over to the first tee. Warm up? What warm up?

I … I was not in a good headspace for this round. Instead of enjoying it, in the moment, I was annoyed that I had cajoled my youngest into coming because she didn’t want to be there. I was annoyed I wasn’t able to warm up. The annoyances were strong with me, which meant I was going to be extremely pleasant.

Oh, and for some reason unbeknownst to me know, I decided I wouldn’t hit off any tees. Partially this was because the first tee box was moved forward a bit for pre-Spring maintenance.

Anyway, the first hole, consulting with Arcoss, I decided to hit my lob wedge. I blocked the ball out right, into the rough.

Now, hole 1 is quite sloped back to front and I was long and right. So I chipped a decent lob wedge onto the green, but left myself about 20 feet from the pin with a downhill putt.

I didn’t give myself a good chance going down, which meant a 3-putt double bogey on an 80 yard hole.

The next hole was a similar situation. Tee box moved up, but a more forgiving green guarded by a bunker. I hit an excellent sand wedge shot to the green that left me 5 yards from the pin.

I then drained the 5 yarder for birdie. Kept my head down, slightly uphill putt, and putted through the ball.

And while I was annoyed at the double bogey, birdieing the second hole was even worse for my expectations.

The second hole was when the oldest child decided she no longer wanted to play foot golf. That also helped a lot.

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