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August 13th Resolutions, explained

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Last night, I decided that I would do what I said to do. I would try to do this for a period of time: we’ll say a month. Or so. Who knows? Maybe this resolution will affect a life-changing event, similar to Julia Powell’s decision to cook her way through the Julia Child’s cookbook.

This resolution was in no way influenced by seeing that movie last night. None. Not at all. Stop looking at me like that, okay?

Anyway, I decided to what I said I would do. This does not seem a remarkable task. So, what things have I said that I will do?

1. Last night, I told Ashleigh I would write when I got home. This was the case.
2. I told everyone I would explain it. I have now done that.
3. I will help my father move new tables into his classroom.

3. is the problem. It didn’t happen. Instead, my brother helped my dad move those tables into his classroom. I did not do what I said I would do.

This presents an interesting moral-ethical conundrum. Did I violate my word in that I did not help my father move tables into his classroom? Yes.


So, one day into this great plan, my great plan is already defunct. But we’ll see how it goes. I’m not off to do something else I said I would do.

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