August 13th Resolutions, explained

Last night, I decided that I would do what I said to do. I would try to do this for a period of time: we’ll say a month. Or so. Who knows? Maybe this resolution will affect a life-changing event, similar to Julia Powell’s decision to cook her way through the Julia Child’s cookbook.

This resolution was in no way influenced by seeing that movie last night. None. Not at all. Stop looking at me like that, okay?

Anyway, I decided to what I said I would do. This does not seem a remarkable task. So, what things have I said that I will do?

1. Last night, I told Ashleigh I would write when I got home. This was the case.
2. I told everyone I would explain it. I have now done that.
3. I will help my father move new tables into his classroom.

3. is the problem. It didn’t happen. Instead, my brother helped my dad move those tables into his classroom. I did not do what I said I would do.

This presents an interesting moral-ethical conundrum. Did I violate my word in that I did not help my father move tables into his classroom? Yes.


So, one day into this great plan, my great plan is already defunct. But we’ll see how it goes. I’m not off to do something else I said I would do.

August 13th Resolutions

Gentle Reader,

I have a new resolution: do what I say I am going to do. My resolution for tomorrow (that is to say, today), what I am going to do, is tell you why I am going to do this. Anyway…

Ashleigh and I went on a wonderful date this evening.I told her that, tonight after we parted, I would go home and finish a blog post. Then I would work on my story that I am currently writing.

The blog post was just posted. Check it out. Comment on it. Argue with me. Agree with me. Or just read it. Or don’t comment on it because it might be total crap when I read it in the morning.

I’ll let you know when the story’s done. It’s got another one hundred fifty hundred words.

I’m now off to walk Matilda at three-thirty in the morning. Provided she wants to go.

Since this was posted so quickly after the previous novel, it should interest you to know that Matilda has already been outside once this night. She was a very good girl and returned quickly, shivering with nervous, excited guilt like someone who has violated curfew.

I think that counts. If not… there’s still plenty of time to do what I said I was going to. But after I sleep.