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I wrote this letter after I heard this commentary on marketplace this afternoon. This was my indignant fulfillment of my duties as a citizen. Please comment. But please limit your comments to 1500 characters or less.

Dear WHOEVER [Whoever was replaced by the salient individuals: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer. Oh, and Ashleigh. But her stuff is not for public consumption.] and staff, [because they are really the people that will read this letter. I’m sure they appreciate the salutation]

I was astounded and angered upon discovering this afternoon that the current health care legislation does not remove anti-trust exemption from health insurance providers. If this is was because of oversight, I ask as your constituent that you move to amend it. If this was intentional, may I ask why?

If every person in America is mandated to purchase health insurance, shouldn’t there be some kind of limitation on the level of collusion between health insurance providers? Why are health insurance providers allowed exemption from anti-trust legislation in the first place?

It would appear that health insurance is a profitable business. The only understandable reason to waive anti-trust legislation, as far as I am aware, is if the presence of competition prevents any kind of profitability.

I would say that I eagerly await a response, but instead I ask that you continue to work on the bill. I do have great hope for the legislation, and I hope you can work with your colleagues (I would hope that some would cross the aisle to contribute, but I understand that they have chosen their political maneuver—a position with which I am not sympathetic) to provide affordable and quality health care for all Americans. Please ensure that this is the case by arguing for anti-trust regulation of health insurance companies.


John Michael Earnest

One response to “Dear WHOEVER”

  1. Chris Frick Avatar
    Chris Frick

    I’ll keep this short: nice post.
    Enlightening for someone like me, to whom most of this political news does no trickle down.

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