I wrote this letter after I heard this commentary on marketplace this afternoon. This was my indignant fulfillment of my duties as a citizen. Please comment. But please limit your comments to 1500 characters or less.

Dear WHOEVER [Whoever was replaced by the salient individuals: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer. Oh, and Ashleigh. But her stuff is not for public consumption.] and staff, [because they are really the people that will read this letter. I’m sure they appreciate the salutation]

I was astounded and angered upon discovering this afternoon that the current health care legislation does not remove anti-trust exemption from health insurance providers. If this is was because of oversight, I ask as your constituent that you move to amend it. If this was intentional, may I ask why?

If every person in America is mandated to purchase health insurance, shouldn’t there be some kind of limitation on the level of collusion between health insurance providers? Why are health insurance providers allowed exemption from anti-trust legislation in the first place?

It would appear that health insurance is a profitable business. The only understandable reason to waive anti-trust legislation, as far as I am aware, is if the presence of competition prevents any kind of profitability.

I would say that I eagerly await a response, but instead I ask that you continue to work on the bill. I do have great hope for the legislation, and I hope you can work with your colleagues (I would hope that some would cross the aisle to contribute, but I understand that they have chosen their political maneuver—a position with which I am not sympathetic) to provide affordable and quality health care for all Americans. Please ensure that this is the case by arguing for anti-trust regulation of health insurance companies.


John Michael Earnest

Enter the Indoctrinator

Obama Out of Line With School Speech

At 9 a.m. Tuesday, everyone’s Favorite Democrat/Socialist (that’s Nazi, if you can’t read between the lines) Barack Hussein (that’s right, his middle name is the same as Saddam’s last!) Obama (that’s right, it sounds like Osama!) will make a speech to our students. Did you follow that? No? Good.

This speech will be dangerous:

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune Obama’s “15- to 20-minute message will challenge students to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for their learning.” The bastard!

Prominent voices on the right have identified the real motivation behind Obama’s fifteen minute, back-to-school special: Glenn Beck, in his fight with Rush Limbaugh to become the voice of American Conservatism, called the speech “a part of the administration’s ‘indoctrination’ of you youth, adding that “they are capturing your kids!”

Not to be outdone by the party spokesman, “Jim Greer, chairman of Florida’s Republican Party, said he is ‘absolutely appalled that tax-payer dollars are being used to spread President Obama’s socialist ideology.’”

One of Grossmont School District’s Trustees spoke on behalf of San Diego Republicans when he called the fuhr— I mean, the president’s speech and subsequent follow-up (like writing a letter to yourself to internalize the speech) something akin to a cult of personality.

The Union-Tribune, despite putting Glenn Beck on the front page, a Colbertian zinger when it added, fortunately at the end of the article, that Obama is not the first president to try to spread his insidious political agenda in the classroom. Apparently the previous indoctrinator, one George H.W. Bush, made a similar speech in 1991, asking “students to demand more of themselves.”

In reaction, Democrats saw through this neoconservative sham and “attacked the speech as political advertising and” . wasting taxpayer money.

As weird as it is that Obama wants to talk to classroom children, his message, which has yet to be delivered, seems innocuous or even good.  Perhaps this is because I was an Obamaniac on election night. But if I were a child, and the president told me to own up about my education, I stand to attention, salute, and begin taking responsibility for my education. Apparently, that’s what we’re afraid of…

The fact that parents are taking their children out of school is ridiculous. But this is American politics, it’s to be expected.

But seriously, watch out what you write on those signed notes to excuse your children from this indoctrinating speech. Guess what Obama will use to consign his detainees next September? To protect yourself from this dangerous, big government (that is so incompetent that it can never, ever run any kind of healthcare, expect that it does for veterans), please sign all your notes, Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Obama will be thrilled to get the notes from his friend, the secret muslim he is.

Sources: Union-Tribune, New York Times

Beer Solves Racism

Obama invites Gates and Crowley to White House for Cold Ones

When, oh when, will copy editors learn good headlines. The caption writers at CNN have it down:

“President Obama has invited police Sgt. James Crowley and Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates for beer.” ( Link)

Anyway, what I really want to know is what they are drinking? Blue Moon? Sam Adams? Stone? Pabst Blue Ribbon? Coors Light? What happens when Crowley wants to spend the night? Whose going to be the DD? What if there’s a terrorist attack during the beer session? What if the phone rings at three a.m. and Barack’s still sleeping it off?

These are the questions that should be asked.

This… is Earnest Words.